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Piedmont, Langhe, Roero. We're arrived in Bra. Villa Trisano is here, overlooking the landscape and Alps. It's an upper-class country dwelling. It's on the hill, hidden by the trees. In the same place where it existed the family's ancient dairy, from which it inherit the name. Origins and landscape suggests to the owners the future of the building in hospitality business. The project rethinks the relationship with the context. From hidden to open. The idea: to open Villa Trisano's eyes. To make the building emerge from the trees. Simple windows are opening the view on the landscape. The building is revitalized with minor interventions and a minimal approach. The facades are cleaned up from additions and the porch is completed. Here the request is binding: do not demolish it. The colonnade thus becomes an opportunity for new relations with the park. A "storytelling". It begins with the invitation to the Villa, reached from the rear and it ends on the transparent spaces, an hinge between internal and external life in the garden. The recovery is conducted on various fronts, enhancing each renewable component. The structures are maintained thanks to strengthen interventions and the energy consumption is reduced by systematizing various efficiency and insulation measures. The interior parquet it's realized by reusing the ancient roof's beams. The historical doors are restored. View more View full description
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