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The use of artificial intelligence (AI)  is based on the idea of ​​optimizing, streamlining and expanding the reach of the most diverse operations. Their systems are programmed to identify patterns and carry out predictions, decisions, and ultimately perform and actions with speed and accuracy. The efficiency of the models depends on the quantity and quality of the data, which can be obtained by applications, cameras, and sensors. In the urban context, technology based on the use of artificial intelligence has been seen as a way to improve the management of cities, especially those that are denser and have larger footprints. Artificial intelligence is often associated with the concept of smart cities. Although their definitions are not unified, these cities have common features in theory and practice, such as the use of management strategies and technologies that aim to increase the quality of life of citizens and create greater efficiencies in resources and services. Often, terms like big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things (IoT, Internet of Things ), among others, are associated with these strategies. View more View full description
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