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On a small plot of land, the white house boldly unfolds dynamic geometrical lines into its lush, green surroundings. Two volumes arranged in a V-shape and seemingly "floating" above the ground divide the land into numerous segments, creating unusual visual effects in a play with perception of scale, position, interior vs. exterior. The configuration is inspired by vernacular architecture, where different elements of the house are situated on slightly different levels, and where the space underneath the house is used as a cool outdoor living area in connection with the garden. A longitudinal pool runs along one of the sides of the land, offering a calm element reflecting color and light onto the white volumes above, and an opening towards the tropical bathroom upstairs. Inside, exposed concrete contrasts with the white exterior, and is softened by warm wooden elements. The interior spaces upstairs are conceived so as to allow for a maximum impression of openness throughout the length of the volume. View more View full description
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