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From outside to inside, inside to outside - Required space programs are planned for each cube. And these cubes create the entirety of the space and architectural form. Once a cell is filled by either programs or building masses, other cell will be emptied. The design approach is this repetitive process of filling and emptying the cells. Main courtyard space penetrates the building vertically and horizontally. The space is harmonized with surrounding cubes, which has its own personality and unique function, and makes a relationship between inside and outside. In some cube, a car will be lifted up to a living room by a car lift, and it will change the atmosphere of living room as an automobile exhibition hall. In other cube, a void is formed that penetrates the entire interior space as if reflecting the exterior courtyard. Since each program has a distinct personality with unique spatial quality, dramatic tensions and scenic views are displayed when one walk thorough the spaces. View more View full description
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