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Promoting higher density / micro multifamily living seems like an oxymoron at this juncture, but this new housing complex does something others typically don’t. It has been scientifically proven that good health is linked to our connection to the outside, and this project brings nature into the interior of each residential unit. This is an example that being connected to the outdoors doesn’t need to be compromised by high density / micro-housing living. White Stone Flats brings timeless modern design to historic downtown Phoenix, Arizona An undersized infill lot with difficult setback and zoning requirements defies all odds. Situated in the Triangle Neighborhood of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, this modern two-story development is challenging every aspect of contemporary downtown living. With White Stone Flats, architectural principal Benjamin Hall of Benjamin Hall Design designed and constructed, an eye-catching project on a dirt infill lot that the city had little hope for. The project demonstrates the potential of urban renewal through thoughtful design and creates a tranquil space right in the heart of a bustling downtown. The ideas behind White Stones Flats were curated by Benjamin Hall over a long period of time. The root idea of finding solace and refuge in a busy city developed through the process of distilling the natural elements of sky, sound, touch, and sunlight. Instead of focusing its attention outwards and beyond like most projects concerned about appearance in a city, the Flats reverses its attention inwards and focuses on the small details and simple gestures of living, that we often overlook in our daily lives. View more View full description
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