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GIR Store is a furniture showroom located in New Belgrade and opened by one of the largest exporters of solid wood furniture in the region of former Yugoslavia, GIR factory from Kraljevo. The factory’s brief was to create a space in which you can experience and buy furniture made by GIR and learn more about the process of creating solid wood furniture, learning to aprechiate its nature and quality, while pairing it with other manufacturer’s complementary designs, which were selected by studio AUTORI. The biggest source of inspiration at first was the impact solid wood makes on the user, its nature, its touch and feel, qualities, flaws, different textures and colours...its smell, and the Majestic GIR factory and its mobile elements and tools which workers use in their work process daily. Studio AUTORI transposed these elements into the interior through objects made of solid oak and steel, specially designed for the needs of the showroom. Simplified spatial planning with a neutral color palette puts focus on wood furniture. The entrance area with double storey height of six meters is the Experience point zone where you learn about the entire cycle, from forestation to the last wood derivative, by getting in first hand contact with a large variety of wood types in different finish, via a specially designed wood palette stand offering the users an easy way to experience large samples of wood.   View more View full description
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