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A jungle gym is a playground equipment, but also could be a mountain, observatory, and a small house. It resembles a nature that continue existing there, and it is also like an architecture that can be freely customized. “The perfect architecture” where everything is prepared is somewhat suffocating. A jungle gym carries possibility to change its use while preserving its strength. I think of building an architecture as such. The café stands along the coast. The requirements are to make it able to look out the coast from the seating, and to plant a large tree inside. I thought of an architecture with strength that will be consistent with any acceptance, in order to exceed the use of the space as a café and create a place that makes people gather. The glass provides openness so people can enjoy their food in nature, the plants inside allows connection between the space inside and outside. The café has a distinctive space for this site, with its small scale that creates coziness and that people can enjoy coffee and the time viewing the coast spreading out before. The heights of four slabs are to be set by relationship of surrounding environment, seating arrangement and height of the trees. To view the coast over the embankment, multiple slabs; people’s roof, and trees’ roof, are stacked and making places with many different scales. Inside and outside spaces got inverted along with the movement, and many different “between spaces” with different scales made by slab layers, such as between nature and human made, between inside and outside, are forming gradational environment. View more View full description
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