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A rental villa called Private Villa JUGE, is located on a famous traditional tourism spot in Higashiyama Kyoto. The two story with two bedrooms and two tatami-rooms wooden villa is composed of generous private space, full sunlight through three individual gardens and modern interior inspired by Japanese elements. A main purpose of the project is to establish new value by creation a modern architecture incorporating traditional Japanese ethos, because the villa is a new building in especially traditional area in Kyoto where there are already a lot of historical buildings including large temples and small houses. Therefore it is composed of the reinterpretation of Japanese elements with fresh sensibilities avoiding the old traditional method that has remained unchanged. The eaves height of the facade similar to adjacent houses in front of the street, was elected for keeping both consonance with outside and comfortable volume of inside. In contrast to traditional facade, the sliding door was finished by natural clear paint. The unique conspicuous color of fresh wood indicates the entrance to the unexpected modern inner space. The architecture studio AtSpace Architects conceives the villa as guests’ home to provide a personal relaxing time, therefore in various places they create some works to express the changes of time and season. View more View full description
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