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The strategy of the architects Aouabed & Figuccio to build a single wall as an architectural synthesis to create a visual identity and reconfigure the public spaces of the school. The project proposes to use an architectural sculpture to create the main entrance of the school, which so far is not identifiable. The objectives are as follows: - Establish a main pedestrian entrance to the school, clearly identifiable- Activate the unused terraces of the school to integrate them into the entrance route.- Integrate signage that is visible from public space- Reflect the particular questions taught within the school, through the choices of materialization- Create a unique meeting place, a spatial sequence allowing users to meet and meet there. By extending the curve of the existing building, the intervention generates both an entrance pavilion in the axis leading to the main courtyard of the school, an outdoor foyer for the Aula, as well as a monumental façade, which delimits clearly the school grounds and asserts its identity. View more View full description
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