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In the heart of the village of Grand Lemps, between 2 adobe heritage buildings installed at right angles around a courtyard, we designed a bridge building, seeking to connect, organize, protect. As a fashion designer would dare his fabric, carefully, choosing the right thread, we mended a distended fabric. Taking freedom from the program by seeking to optimize existing volumes rather than building new on a heterogeneous site, we chose to minimize the built areas in favor of the open ground capable of infiltrating, preserving land for a future extension, to preserve the plane trees of the courtyard, to enhance the built heritage and to deal with the already there, with frugality. A resumption of outdoor spaces offering vegetable gardens to the west and public square to the east in connection with the street has made it possible to secure the flows of students and anchor the restructured and extended buildings in the center of the town The capacity of the school group is thus 15 classes, with a multipurpose room, a library, an activity room and administrative premises. View more View full description
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