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The rise of co-living has begun to radically shape interior design. In residential projects and commercial developments, co-living is tied to the emergence of the Kitchenless Home idea. Began by Spanish architect Anna Puigjaner, this idea is tied to a range of innovations in interior design and co-living that have been built over the last five years. In turn, these new interiors began to tell a story of housing and spatial experience rooted in modern life. In 2016, Anna Puigjaner imagined a future in which housing is suited to the needs of its inhabitants. Her project “Kitchenless” received the Wheelwright Prize from Harvard University, along with an endowment of $100,000 for research on existing models of communal residences worldwide. Puigjaner explained the idea in an interview with ArchDaily, and since then, she revealed how she is applying her “Kitchenless” housing typology within her own projects with Metropolis Magazine. Puigjaner talks about the time she spent traveling the world and visiting the many different cultures that share her idea of communal cooking. View more View full description
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