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OrderJiao Ling Cabin is located in the midst of farmlands in the northern Guang Dong province. It is designed to be an open “living room” for villagers, and can be served as an exhibition space. We experimented a combination of two styles in this project: a common local traditional architecture style– “Wei Long” house, and roof shades built by the locals. OrganizationWe preserved the ancestral shrine and the pond to the east of the site, which serve as the axis of the project; and demolished other run-down structures. The new structure is designed with a “C” shape according to the radial axis, where its southwest corner serves as the entry and northwest corner as exit. The transitional area between the old and new becomes a courtyard. Water is an important spiritual element for the locals, so we decided to add a shallow fishpond, and in turn, reproduced the place’s original ambience with thoughtful placemaking – a place of spiritual significance. View more View full description
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