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The proposal to renovate the small and old house at Rua de Ceuta was replaced by the desire to reorganize family life on a less fragmented way, without individualized rooms and conventional arrangement of main body plus a small home. The ancient construction warm atmosphere was largely maintained by the open courtyard inside the central area. Towards it, the totality of the domestic environments now is turned, benefited by luminosity that takes volume and crosses the geometrical skin glass facade. This courtyard, even internal, let the house enjoy the outside life, in a spiral walkway that starts from the social entrance, runs through the void inside and outside and ends on the roof, also a family living area. The transversal structure overcomes ten meters by a single span extension. It is supported, therefore, on the two lateral borders in order to release the floorplan arrangement. At the patio, was applied an industrialized and very precise, glass-skin frame system, resulting in a vertical portion and giving the central emptiness a larger appearance. View more View full description
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