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Before our intervention, the place provided service as a tourist information center and the redesign project has made this use compatible with the introduction of a store of products typical from Madrid and manufactured in Madrid!. The new elements introduced in the space are related to the iconography and culture of Madrid, preventing the place from having an abstract appearance that could be associated with any chic design store of any other European city. For this reason, we have taken inspiration from elements in icons that are part or have been part of the city of Madrid and that have had an important influence, more or less known, in the construction of the identity of the city and , in particular, in the construction of the culture of encounter, social interaction, creativity and design as aspects that seek to be celebrated in this shop. These include the corralas, the barquillero stalls, the violet candies, the Glass dome of the Palace Hotel or the manton de Manila. We have also worked hand in hand with the Team of Madrid Destino so that in the execution of the elements are involved artisans and designers of Madrid, putting in value their work and filling the shop with unforgettable moments!. View more View full description
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