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What if hiring an international architect with great skills, qualifications, and unique insights was as easy as hiring someone from upstate New York or Indiana? Architects worldwide dream of an opportunity to enter the competitive American market and it is common for young professionals to travel internationally for study or work. At the same time, many top US firms are searching for diverse new talent, yet the cost, paperwork, and bureaucracy of hiring international candidates can be discouraging. Architect-US was created to fill that gap. Created for architects and by architects, Architect-US employs a rigorous screening process executed by a Selection Committee of Architects and Designers trained in the US who have the knowledge of what the industry needs. This deep understanding of the profession ensures that the program consistently provides top international talent and helps place them in American firms, taking care of the visa sponsorship, paperwork, and hassle. Continue reading to learn the ways that Architect-US can help your firm access the world’s best talent. View more View full description
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