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The barnyard typology is an endearing staple of rural architecture. Simple in construction, and traditionally shaped from necessity rather than aesthetic, barns have nonetheless continued to spark the imaginations of those seeking a contrast to the fast-paced, dense, globalized reality of urban life. They also spark the intrigue of designers. Whether it is refurbishing historic farms for modern use, or constructing an entirely new addition to the countryside, architects have drawn inspiration from the industrial origins of traditional barnyards to reinterpret elements such as modularity, timber expression, and refined ornamentation. To represent this, we have curated some of the most impressive barn projects featured on ArchDaily. Far from generic, the schemes vary widely in their function, from home to storage shed, and also in aesthetic, from modern timber expressions to raw, recovered stone and concrete. For further inspiration, explore our full collection of barn architecture here.  View more View full description
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