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Located in Kannauj the perfume capital of India, the Perfume Park and Museum is designed by Studio Symbiosis. Under construction, the project will host a museum, shops, a cafe, a skill development center to exchange knowledge between experts and distilleries to produce the fragrances on site.   The product of a twin city agreement between the city of Grasse in France and Kannauj in India, the Perfume Park and Museum spreads over 41.55 acres along the 6 lane Lucknow-Agra expressway. With the purpose of promoting this craft passed on from generation to generation and “giving a high degree of visibility to the city of Kannauj”, the design of the space reflects the essence of a perfumery. Inspired by flowers and the Fibonacci series, the architecture firm creates at the heart of the project a radiating museum with spiraling and fluid paths. A basic grid alternates between volumes and flower beds, merging both elements, generating a seamless experience and extending into the museum. View more View full description
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