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As the architectural community and the world looks forward to a new year, and a new decade, we do so from rapidly shifting grounds. The world around us is being transformed by a variety of factors in the built environment, from the opportunities of new materials and technologies, to pressing challenges such as climate change and inequality. At ArchDaily, we continue to proactively respond to this changing world, evolving as a tool for knowledge and inspiration for all those involved in shaping the built environment, be they architects, designers, or our growing audience of ‘DIY architects;’ everyday citizens taking an active interest in shaping their own homes and communities.  While our database, mission, and focus develops, some traditions endure. Chief among this is our flagship award series – the Building of the Year Awards. Now, we are proud to launch the 11th edition of one of the architecture world’s most influential and democratic award series, celebrating the best architecture around the world as chosen by you, the reader. View more View full description
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