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Treehouse is a 72-unit co-living complex in the heart of the Kangnam, the start-up hub of Seoul. Composed of micro-studios and micro-lofts, it is designed for single professionals and their animal companions. Treehouse is centered by an interior garden that is lined with collaborative work areas, relaxing lounge spots, communal kitchen, laundry and pet baths.  Above the garden are six floors of residences. Each floor has a differently styled unit - whether lofted sleeping quarters over an open soaking tub; a ladder of ledges to provide perches for feline residents; or a spacious penthouse for couples. Key architectural details are full-width slanted windows with blinds that rise bottom-up for privacy while providing a slice of the sky. Other details are sliding doors that double as shelving; full wall magnetic paint or modular storage for easy personalization; and loft units with additional ventilation windows into the atrium for cross ventilation. The beauty of the project is how the spatial composition reflects the communal lifestyle. The atrium is the spatial heart of the residence, yet it is the stacking of private units that creates the space. View more View full description
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