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The Purpurina building was built in Vila Madalena, São Paulo, a bohemian neighborhood currently undergoing a process of intense transformation. Even though it is located in a street corner and has a great location in the neighborhood, the building’s plot is difficult to occupy due to its reduced dimensions. Betting on the plot’s potential, the owner asked for a flexible building, and after its completion, it was occupied by a fast casual hamburger restaurant and bar with a surf theme. After a thorough study of the surroundings, it was established that the street corner, where the plot was completely walled off, would be free of any obstacles and open for pedestrians to traverse. To offset any prejudices to the constructive potential of the plot, the choice was made to make the levels above the ground floor cantilever over this open area. The steel structure became then an obvious choice, with the added benefits of being quickly built and having a memorable aesthetic result. Highlighting the structure and constructive methods, glass was chosen as the main material for the facades as well as precast concrete panels for the slabs. View more View full description
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