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Nestled amidst a sprawling 75,000 sq. ft. of lush green plot Nene's residence is an architectural delight that looks spectacular with its clean, bold lines defining its glory. The house is linear that runs along the east-west axis with the entrance being at the centre that parts the public and private spaces in two halves. The house is designed such that minimal heat penetrates but at the same time maximum natural light and ventilation floods in all the areas. With no additional floor plate, the house expands on the ground, housing four bedrooms, a lavish living, family area and a courtyard that is Zen through its placement and design. A luxurious swimming pool overlooks the family area that further opens up to a vast garden. Just as we enter, the house unfolds from behind a huge tree revealing the two stark cuboids with a corten steel facade. The facade is a synthesis of textured plastered walls and voids encompassing corten steel jali that rhymes with the playfulness of the trees encompassing the site. The entrance is centrally located such that it seems to draw us to walk along the path that is guarded by a waterbody on either side making the whole experience Mediterranean.  View more View full description
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