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Create a new core for 'happy city. ''Informal Core' is located at the end of the government building in Sejong City, and it provides open space to cities and people in a unique form. The end of the building, where the construction is located will soon serve as a 'core' of the local living zone used by the citizens of happy cities.  Happening in Free Space. The general hierarchy and closed planes were replaced with an uncertain and open plane system, with a straight line without distraction to a line with free change. In addition, the space that performed the purpose set in the form of a standardized form was designed to create architectural play and coincidence in a dynamic and lively form. The 'Informal Core', which has a distinctive mass and various elements that attract attention, is seen from the surrounding pedestrians and government buildings.it shows the change every time. The three-dimensional open space considering the user's pattern and usage time is positioned as a space where various happening_Happening occurs. View more View full description
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