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This meek house, nestled in a small village, Dakivali, in Maharashtra, is an anecdote of the aspirations of a paddy farmer, also a retired school teacher, who dreamt of building a modest cost-effective home within his Gaothan (the inner core of a village). Positioned on a tight 5000 sq.ft. plot abutting the dusty katchcha village road, the site was once a wasteland, with a small bamboo grove on it. Flanked on two sides by traditional village homes of a closely knit farming community, the house had to strike a balance between being participatory as well as reclusive. Toiling most of his life in the paddy fields, this farmer wanted his retirement home to also have a connection with nature alongside a sense of affordable comfort. With a meager budget of Rs.22 lacs given to us, the challenge was how to explore an efficient way for a farmer to live in his old age, yet retain the essence of a countryside life. View more View full description
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