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What if the places had no walls?What if our home was always open?What if our city were made only of unimpeded, unrestricted, interconnected open spaces? What if we did not accept the idea that in order to live together we would have to be trapped behind walls and avoid the danger we believe we live in, the frightening threat of the other?  The daily violence is the hardest part of life in the city. To protect ourselves, we demand walls that crystallize "our deepest fears," as the Brazilian architect Angelo Bucci says. This collective construction of fear invades all places and assumes the most diverse forms, from the most ethereal to the most solid, from the most crystalline to the most opaque. To the child, imagination allows one to see in the wall something beyond its condition of division. It allows you to see it as something to be crossed, something behind which dwells the unknown, the surprise, a new place to discover. Imagination has the power to challenge reality. View more View full description
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