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The ‘Casa dos Cajueiros’ (Cashew Trees House) located on the Brazilian southeast cost, is in front of the marine strip. Its discrete implementation is not immediately revealed to the bathers. The house is hidden between the light and the shadows of the cashew-trees occupying the frontal part of the 27,327-square-foot (2,538-square-meter) lot. The 8,525-square-foot (792-square-meter) house is a single-story set within the gently sloping landscape, shaped in between trees. The house is meant to minimally interfere with the landscape while drawing attention to its beauty. The space is organized by a clear axis of circulation that connects the social and the intimates areas. The lowest level facing the beach concentrates the social, leisure and service area.  Distributed along the 108 feet corridor leading to the back of the lot, the six suites are deployed allowing private patios between them. View more View full description
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