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Before this major renovation the school consisted partly of buildings and several scattered  pavilions. We replaced these scattered pavilions by two new buildings: a first wing with classrooms and administrative offices (i.e. room like spaces) and a second wing for the bigger spaces, requiring a bigger span, such as the refectory and the gym for infants. Through the choice of the specific functions and the  specific design of the two wings we solved two technical challenges. We tackled the rather big elevation differences of the terrain and we enhanced the constructive logic of the buildings and optimized the applied techniques. We implanted these buildings at a right angle and adjacent to two streets and to the already existing buildings, creating several benefits:- the different playgrounds, each for a different age group, are separated from the street and are linked by a new awning,- we kept “The Green Valley “ green, by keeping the precious trees,- we created a very big play area, with the allowance for the aforesaid age differences and for the different activity types (grass or hardened terrains). View more View full description
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