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FAAB Architektura has unveiled their design that reimagines Warsaw's Piłsudski Square in Poland. Made to bring together the humanities, arts and sciences with nature, the proposal aims to inspire interactions between disciplines. As the team state, the proposal was formed as an intermingling of history and art, literature and music, film and design, science and innovation. The project is made to promote the creation of urban ecosystems. The intended plan is a proposal for the permanent commemoration of Poland regaining its independence in 1918. It is made so that buildings are integrated with their surroundings in an effort to help raise the living standards of inhabitants and actively address issues from climate change. "Openness, manifested through a multiplicity of routes at ground level will facilitate the flexible use of many functions located within the complex and of surrounding green areas, both those which already existing, such as the Saxon Garden [Ogród Saski] and being created, such as Piłsudski Park [Park Piłsudskiego]." View more View full description
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