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One hat,just for one people;If there are 10 or 20…even 100…Could more than 100 people be helped? The bamboo hat porch is located at the entrance of Shang Village, Jixi Country, Xuan city in Anhui province. Plenty of photographers and tourists are attracted to this small old village. The park nearby the entrance is the only way which must be passed, where is no shed or any cover for people to avoid the strong sunlight or rain. How to afford a place to protect the people from bad weather is what we try to consider, which may be a tiny issue but we can help. There are a lot of bamboos on the local mountains, which are produced by the nature and can be used as the frame of the porch. Every villager provides one bamboo hat, which can both facilitate communication of villagers and be used as the material of the roof. And the small sky over one person converges to a big sky, under which everybody can be protected, including the visitors from everywhere. View more View full description
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