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Although cities are supposed to be built for everyone, they are in most of the time, thought, planned and designed by men: “Cities are supposed to be built for all of us, but they aren't built by all of us.” With basic different needs, men and women expect different outcomes from their urban surroundings. A city should be able to fulfill everyone’s essentials. Lately, the topic that has everyone's attention revolves around cities designed by women. With a female mayor onboard and a feminist agenda, for the past four years, Barcelona has been undergoing major transformations on this subject. In this podcast, reporter Stephanie Hegarty speaks to many experts in urban planning and design, working on the case of Barcelona, to draw guidelines that could help cities become “better” for women and paint a picture of what the future can look like. Actually, she discusses design strategies with Punt 6, a feminist collective of urban designers, she argues the use of public space with Equal Saree, a design trio, and she converses with Janet Sanz about the superblock initiative. View more View full description
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