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A special program: a weekend residence for a family in an extensive area, set to become the main home in the medium term, defines the concept adopted for this project. The house is organized by a longitudinal circulation block that defines its settling on the plot: a 3 meters wide by 45 meters long concrete structure working as a beam. This volume, closed to the street and open to the site, houses the service areas and a gently sloped ramp, linking spaces at the mid-levels that accommodate the house to the ground slope. These different plans are organized into two blocks – bedrooms and living – that, added to the longitudinal block, define a central void, opened to the landscape, where both meeting and living activities converge. The presence of water brings life to this central square: a pool with concrete walls and the same flooring as the exterior areas, as an extension of the living floor. Located in a closed, non-urban neighborhood, characterized by extensive lots and remote houses, this block layout creates a kind of inner neighborhood, where it is possible to see and be seen, appeasing the feeling of solitude and isolation typical of these neighborhoods. View more View full description
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