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The project is located in a high-quality development area in Changsha City. It is close to the main traffic roads of the city, and is also one of the main entrances of the community in the future. Both of the architectural design and the interior design come from Benjai Architecture.  Land use area is limited,height difference is complex,narrow width, small volumeThe building is only 23 meters away from the urban road, which makes it difficult to form a ritual spatial sequence. In addition, the height difference between the surroundings and the site itself is almost 3 meters, we need a smart strategy to solve a series of problems: height difference between the site and the urban road, the accessibility of future shops, the gradient requirements of fire lanes and rescue sites, the avoidance of underground garage entrances.Moreover,the width of the main façade which face to the west side of the city road is only 16 meters,accounting for only 12% of the total width of the project along the street. What is worse, there is a large high-rise on both sides of the north and south. The overall volume of the sales office is too small to be noted which is hard to achieve a good publicity. View more View full description
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