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Urban repair. A sensitive addition to the Hampstead Conservation Area, Fleet House by Stanton Williams reinterprets the historic Hampstead Village boundary wall tradition into a contemporary domestic concept. The design originates from the idea of re-establishing the lost boundaries which once defined the site at the junction between Admiral's Walk and an almost forgotten historic footpath, while realigning the house with the pavement in continuity with the tall garden wall of the adjacent Grade I listed Fenton House. Excavated volume. The conceptual approach excavates the domestic space from its boundary, conceiving the house as a carved volume from which elements are extruded and extracted, through the addition and subtraction of blocks. A change of texture and colour - from a coarse dark brick outer shell to smooth white stucco carved volumes - further reinforces the sculptural qualities.Stanton Williams also created the interiors and bespoke pieces of furniture – working across all scales, from the city to the house, to achieve a cohesive design View more View full description
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