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LTTD house is a renovation housing project in Tien Du, Bac Ninh. It covers an area of 10x20 (m) and the main facade faces south. It was built 15 years ago in a residential area nearby three industrial zones. The area is experiencing rapid industrialization and urbanization. There are several problems with the site such as noise and smoke from traffic and factories, as well as other negative effects from industrial zones. Another problem is that the house has been severely degraded after years so we need to figure out ways to ensure both its aesthetic and safety aspects. The house is designed for a couple with 2 daughters and 1 son. The main functions include 4 bedrooms with separate toilet, living room, kitchen, garage, worship room, storage, laundry, and playground. The owner wants to create open spaces with high connectivity but still preserve necessary privacy. In this project, a void is placed at the center of the house, which functions as a point to balance the nature. This space combines with stairs in the middle of the house to connect the other spaces in the house. People can feel trees, natural light, wind and rain there. View more View full description
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