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Located in the middle of the Atlantic Forest in São Paulo coast, Casa Iporanga seems to spring from the land on which it is located.   Limitations on land occupation imposed a lean program. There are two bedrooms on the access floor and, on the lower floor, a living room/ terrace connected to the deck and pool, which overlooks the woods with the sea in the background.   Access to the house is via a "bridge" that connects to the street and serves as a car shelter. The entrance hall opens into the surrounding woods and resolves the vertical circulation, housing the staircase that connects the lower floor to the distribution gallery to the two suites which - through a long balcony - open to the sea view.   In this floor we opted for the construction process in wood-frame internally covered by cementitious plates and externally by reclaimed Peroba Rosa (a native wood, almost extincted), which allowed a quick and clean work.   View more View full description
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