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The OriginShichengzi village, located in Qinglong County, Hebei province, is the main venue of the 2019 Chinese farmers' harvest festival in Hebei province. Temporary gallery facilities were needed to hold the theme exhibition of the harvest festival, and a temporary media interview and guest rest center were designed in an idle farmhouse. The original exhibition was arranged on the side of the main road of the village in a propaganda manner, but this method could not display the exhibits well. Neither integrates well with the village space. We propose combining the exhibition of the alleyways inside the village, which as a result not only has a relatively sophisticated exhibition space but also attracts tourists to the village and fully perceives its distinctive rural space. The media center is located in an indolent farmer's house with local characteristics, which is relatively quiet and has been briefly renovated for temporary rest and meeting. All these facilities would be dismantled after the completion of activities. Thus the impact on the environment of the village could be minimized. View more View full description
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