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Designed from an urban, practical and avant-garde identity perspective, the Gran Malecón in Barranquilla, is the most recent project of Diseños y Conceptos. The project is born from the necessity to reestablish the relationship between the city and the Magdalena River, a link that was lost and is a key element for the socio-cultural and economic development of one of the most important cities in Colombia. The river that surrounds the city of Barranquilla, is the most important one of Colombia. Located in the North of the country, this city is considered as the cradle of the Colombian Caribbean identity, in large part, due to its location near to the delta of the Magdalena River in the Caribbean Sea, an ideal context for immigrant’s arrival. The proximity between the river and the sea, influenced, amongst other things, the fact that Barranquilla is known as the Golden Gate, a name that evidences what the city has become: an urban context in constant evolution that seeks cosmopolitan lifestyle without compromising its Caribbean Identity. It is within this context – and the willingness to recover the relationship with the river- that urban projects such as Gran Malecón are born. The project is an architectural and urban design concept formed by three strips that unravel along 4.5 kilometers of the Magdalena River’s shoreline. View more View full description
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