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Because it doesn't include a bathtub, or require doors, screens, or curtains, the walk-in shower often makes bathrooms appear larger, cleaner, and more minimalist.  However, some precautions must be taken when designing them. Most importantly, the shower cannot be left completely open, even if it appears to be at first glance. Most designs incorporate a tempered glass that prevents water from "bouncing" out of the shower space, subtly closing the area. When this transparent division doesn't have a frame, the appearance of fungi due to accumulation of water and moisture becomes less likely. For this type of shower, effective design is imperative. Properly defining the location of the showerhead and the path of the water will help prevent water leaks into the rest of the bathroom. If you do not want to include a shower tray with a certain depth, therefore leaving the floors at the same level, you should add a slight slope that takes the water to the drain. View more View full description
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