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With a very fast-paced life, we are becoming more and more accustomed to utilities that can make our workflow easier, more productive and efficient especially when some of us are always “on the go”. Our mobile devices, tablets, and laptops are gaining prominence every year, offering us more suitable and useful applications. Read on to discover the top architecture applications for 2019, with recurring big names and newcomers on the tech scene. MagicPlan (IOS/Android) - The Scanner MagicPlan uses your mobile’s camera to measure spaces and create almost accurate plans that can be exported as PDF, DXF or JPG.  Easier than other applications, you only have to stand still, preferably in the center, and let your device scan the room. Planimeter (IOS/Android) - The Ruler This application, also for the wide range of professionals in the field, is, in fact, a ruler, used to measure different features like areas, distances, perimeters, or angles. It also estimates coordinates, through its GPS tracking tool. On IOS, it ranks at 33 in the productivity division. View more View full description
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