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‘Long, narrow house’ -atwo story house with a gabled roof and a plinth- is located on a hilly terrain overlooking lake Llanquihue and Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes. The married couple’s request included views predominance, sun exposure and interior areas’ versatility and spaciousness, besides the possibility of incorporating recycled native materials and elements with more than one century of age that the owners collected for years in order to incorporate them into their future home. Work was done along with the female owner -an artist-, with whom the interior design and home distribution were shaped. This is the origin of this eclectic work intimately linked to the tradition of the area, the landscape and the owners’ creativity and drive. Given the above, an elongated volume was designed in two stories, a form that arises from the rescue of the storage barn -vernacular construction of the fields in the South of Chile-, which sits on the ground considering the slopes and generating the plinth space in the lower area. The house is accessed by an opaque volume heading East which once in the hallway discloses a beautiful winter double height garden that receives sun in the afternoon, feeding the house with life and warmth. View more View full description
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