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This project, a kiosk annexed to a lake, is designed as a leisure and contemplation space integrated to its surrounding landscape, allowing nature to be the focus. As the space aims to highlight its surroundings, the structure is delicate and comprised of three simple components: a roof, a private living space, and brise-soleil panels. The challenge of bringing the project to fruition in under 2 months in a remote area led to the choice of dry and green construction materials, such as glued laminated timber (glulam) for the roof and metallic pillars, lessening the impact to the surrounding terrain. With the intention of integrating the landscape, the glued laminated timber roof functions as a pergola, with supportive beams and slats installed in different directions to allow the sun to filter in and create different scenes throughout the day. The roof was installed as such to provide the illusion that the structure is floating on the plateau; the location was chosen precisely so that the structure does not jut out from the horizon line and is integrated within the context of the height of the access bridge and the naturally existing terrain curves.  View more View full description
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