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Huatian Theater, built in Mount Santai Forest Park, Suqian, is one design challenge of a large landscape building. Usually landscape buildings are small, melting into the landscape, yet our theater with big volume is to accommodate as much as 3,000 outdoor audiences with a shaded roof covering. Hence, the volume of the Huatian Theater is much larger than general landscape buildings. The tricolor flower sea stretches over five kilometers around the theater with a two-kilometer-long rainbow bridge meandering through it. How to dissipate the large volume of the theater and integrate it properly into the background of the endless flower sea is the key point in the design process. Volume control of natural landscape buildingThe most important factor affecting the sense of volume of the theater is the selection of structure. Large-span structures with arches or suspended cables in the flower sea may easily remind you of a stadium or an airport terminal building. The generation of his feeling is largely related to the number of structural linear turning points and design of the linear combination. Unitary dispersions can reduce the sense of volume yet may not satisfy the audiences of their visual requirements so well. Hence, the form of a freeform surface grid roof plus a dendritic support structure which well echoes with the shape of the flowers and the surrounding woods was finally chosen. View more View full description
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