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This project is developed as a metal box covered with metal sheets on the east and west facades. The north and south sides are left ajar to the visuals of the longer sides, having contact to the exterior. This relationship with the surrounding environment is based on controlling the privacy of the home and solving the needs raised by the people who use it. The project is located in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city. It covers an area that corresponds to the established regulations of building surfaces, creating a rectangle of 107 m2 of covered space on the ground floor and 32 m2 on the upper floor. The metal structure is covered externally with an opaque ventilated sheet as a skin on the sides, while the front and the back facing sides are resolved by using carpentry with transparent and blind openings, according to the needs of each space. The flexibility of the north-south facades allows the house to have cross ventilation in all the spaces to provide thermal comfort and to save energy. View more View full description
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