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Located in the southern end of the Guangzhou new central axis, near northeast of Xingguang Bridge in Haizhu District, the project consists of the residential land in the north and the riverside public green land in the south. The latter is led by the owner to build a riverside park with the consent of the government. Among them, there is a public gallery which has been completed and soon be made public. Our concept comes from thinking about how to make the building better integrate into the surrounding environment, so as to blur the indoor and outdoor boundary, create an atmosphere of ambiguity in the transitional space, and increase the sense of mystery, inclusiveness and interest. Through the consideration of material thickness, material reflection, nodes creating and the like, with see-through connection of the internal and external environment, the river view, the landscape and the artistic activities all combines with people’s ways of life to achieve a boundaryless space effect. View more View full description
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