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"La Calle Real", as it was known originally, is considered the main axis of Bogotá.  Over time, the name changed to Seventh Street and is now responsible for weaving the city from South to North. In its journey, the city’s most iconic structures rise up, awarding it a strong symbolic nature. In 1948, “El Bogotazo” devastates the historic center and generates an urban rupture establishing two marked poles, the South and the North. The historical interaction between the most important squares of the colonial city, Plaza Bolivar and Plaza de Las Cruces (which was originally the barrack square) is interrupted. Around the former, there is a barrier of government buildings that turn their backs on the neighborhood of Las Cruces, thus promoting their stigmatization and oblivion. Residential Passages is part of a series of strategic actions that seek to rescue the connection between both sides of the city. Together with the recovery of the hydraulic system of the Fountain of “La Garza”, it is a bet for the regeneration of this part of the city, which has strongly deteriorated. View more View full description
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