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Although this residence in Osaka’s old town district sits on a relatively large lot, the clients wanted to reserve part of the property for a three-space public parking lot they hope to operate there in the future. Appropriately dividing this “public” zone from the “private” zone of the home was a central theme of the project. Devising a way to separate the “outer” zone of the road and neighboring properties from the “inner” zone of the lot itself is also a perennial theme in projects like this that are situated on relatively large properties. Typically, walls are used to divide zones, and this part of Osaka is full of such walls separating public from private and outer from inner. We are always interested in how to make these walls that form such an integral part of the streetscape more appealing. Rather than strictly segregating various zones, we wanted to create a soft, attractive boundary line that segmented them, sometimes blocking lines of sight and sometimes inviting people in. View more View full description
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