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China’s explosive growth has been fueled by a large rural to urban migration which has left large parts of the countryside depopulated. At present China is losing around 300 rural villages per day and the Chinese government is looking for rural development models capable of preserving rural life, considered the foundation of traditional Chinese culture and values. Growing affluence allows an increasing number of Chinese to take holidays and travel within China. Rural villages that are attractive and offer good facilities can hope to find new sources of income from tourism. One such village is Xiamutang, located in south-eastern China. The China Building Centre and the Urban Environment Design magazine have taken over its transformation into a children centred attraction. In 2018 they organised an international architectural competition to design and build installations which would appeal to children. Today Xiamutang offers accommodation in rehabilitated farmers’ houses, restaurant, shop, tea-house, bar, and other facilities. View more View full description
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