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Bureau 0–1 designed a showroom to experience firsthand the futuristic logistics center in which robots and people work together. This facility is located in a gigantic distribution depot that opened in April of 2018 and operated by Daiwa House Group. [Opened in June of 2016, DPL Ichikawa is the distribution depot located in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture.] Nested in the depot with its rough, industrial aesthetics, we created a new world that begins with the carefully choreographed circulation, and eventually, leading up to the meeting space from which you can see the futuristic distribution system. Under the design concept of “Tectonic,” we sought to design a space that evolves with the systems, technology, and people who work there, and can transform over time. Japan is at the cusp of inducting a new logistics system. This project endeavored to capture the sense of excitement and exploration at the beginning of the new era of evolving logistical technology. The space is designed in a way to experience firsthand this experimental system. One of the ways this elation gradually builds up is by the design of circulation system.  View more View full description
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