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The dry ski center is located on Luxes’Island, the center of the 160 ha artificial lake in the Luxelakes Water City scenic area. The island has created diversified space experience for parent-child activities through customized buildings and landscape design. These experimental buildings have become special scenes on the island. Commissioned by the owner, a 20-meter-wide primary slope and a 30-meter-wide intermediate slope are arranged on the natural terrain for junior skiers. The slide slopes are placed as close as possible to the lakeshore so that the process of skiing towards the lake becomes the core experience of the project. Due to the short depth of the site and the limited height difference, the Owner chose to have two skiing slopes. It is necessary to have a front-field preparation area directly connected to the primary slope to ensure that beginners can be geared up without walking too far; on the other hand, a 15m high platform on top of an overlapping scaffolding structure are built so that sophisticated skiers can start skiing with a more speedy glide. View more View full description
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