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The climate in Madrid in 2050 will look more like the climate in Marrakesh, Morocco today. Stockholm will feel more like Budapest, London like Barcelona, Moscow like Sofia, Seattle like San Francisco, and Tokyo like Changsa in China.  The research "Understanding Climate Change Starting with an Analysis of Similar Cities" published in the scientific magazine PLOS ONE by The Crowther Lab of ETH Zurich, paints a grim picture of the future for the world's urban centers.  The motive behind analyzing the climate of 520 world's cities with populations of 1,000,000 or more was to visualize the climatic change for cities in the future and to inspire action that would help to change this outcome for people across the globe.   Some of the questions that the research sought to answer: What percentage of the world's principal cities will maintain their current climate conditions vs. which cities will take on the climates of other cities in other geographic regions? More importantly, what percentage of cities will experience new climatic changes beyond what they are able to currently handle and, if these cities do change their climatic conditions, will this change be uniform across the planet? View more View full description
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