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We proposed a new interpretation for the construction of a leased housing for the client’s parents in a city neighboring Ulsan, where there are rows of multi-family houses. The site is located near the KTX train station in Eonyang area. It is in the outskirts of Ulsan, where there are still a lot of empty lots due to low popularity even though development started a long time ago. Recently, many new multi-family houses have been constructed around the site. The surrounding multi-family houses and commercial facilities, like most of our suburban architecture, are built to have a suffocating structure. Because of how our lives have been, the buildings are not much different from those in the city center and do not reflect the suburban nature or have the characteristics of the place. We tried to suggest a new alternative by creating a courtyard with a medial space in the leased housing area of the suburban city. View more View full description
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